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RateFinancials Inc.® (“RateFinancials”) is an independent, privately-held, New York City based company. Founded in 2002 by experienced investment banking executives and research analysts, RateFinancials rates and ranks the financial reporting of the largest U.S. public companies – the S&P 500 and selected other public companies – based on the key SEC reporting requirements, such as 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks, proxies, etc.

The Company issues reports that rate the corporate financial reporting (the “Corporate Reporting Rating” or the “CRR®”). The CRR ratings are based solely on publicly available information and rate three major areas:

1) the clarity, transparency and completeness
   of the companies' financial reporting which
   focus on accounting policies, footnotes
   and management’s discussion and analysis
   of operations;
2) the areas of financial concern which
   the companies’ reporting might reveal –
   or a quality of earnings evaluation; and
3) the corporate governance based on
   company best practices.

RateFinancials’ philosophy is to let the companies’ public reports speak for themselves. Our analysts do not speak with the companies’ management. We rank the companies’ financial reporting based on a numerical rating, and five star system, built on pre-set criteria. RateFinancials will not recommend the purchase or sale of any stock nor will it provide earnings estimates or projections. Our rating reports are designed to complement traditional research reports and can be used by both the equity side and credit analysis/fixed income side to identify warning areas of financial risk, governance and reporting. The research analyst who prepare our reports have an average of over ten years of research experience. Each analyst has either a CFA charter or a CPA certification.

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