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redFLAG Analytics and RateFinancials produce hard hitting, actionable reports regarding the health of public companies. In a three-step process, we analyze financial statements filed over the 3 most recent years and 5 most recent quarters:

  1. Detecting inaccuracies and deceptions in accounting methods.
  2. Identifying signs of exceptionally good or poor operational performance.
  3. Comparing the performance of individual companies to that of their peers.
For each of our findings, we assign a green flag or red flag designation, provide a plain language interpretation and supply supporting evidence - quickly focusing attention on the most vital matters facing each company. We leverage these findings to generate overall company ratings company ratings and itemized short-term and long-term ratings for each of four categories of business activity:
  • earnings
  • cash flow
  • sales
  • assets and liabilities
The redFLAG reports are generated in a fully automated process that exploits state-of-the-art business intelligence technologies and techniques. As a result, our reports are:
  • Extremely timely. New reports are generated almost as soon as new financial statements are released
  • Entirely objective. Each company is evaluated purely on its financial results, with no preconceived assumptions.
  • Exceptionally far-reaching. redFLAG Analytics and RateFinancials cover nearly 7,000 publicly traded companies.
Reports are available as static PDF documents that can be easily viewed on a computer screen or in printed form.

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